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Booking Appointments

Consultations are by appointment except at weekends.  If your need is urgent we will always try to fit you in, though you may not see the doctor of your choice.  Please telephone us or attend in person to make an appointment.  A standard appointment is approximately 15 minutes long.  We appreciate patients booking a longer appointment if they believe it will be required.  Please do not ‘double up’ by bringing un-booked people to your appointment with you – it is unfair on the people who follow you.  Please let us know if you cannot make an appointment or are running late – we appreciate knowing and can usually make other arrangements.

We have a DNA (Did not attend) policy which will incur a fee, if appointments are not cancelled at least 1 hour prior.

Patrick Street Clinic doctors attend the local nursing homes regularly – Eliza Purton Nursing Home, Mount St Vincent’s Nursing Home and Coroneagh Park.

APPOINTMENTS are available for the following doctors:


Doctor Day of the week
Dr John Fisher Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Emil Djakic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday -Ulverstone
Thursday – Penguin
Dr Nerrelie Cann Monday and Thursday PM. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Stefan Delitzsch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Justin Chipman Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Penguin. Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Lizzie Shires Monday AM and Thursday AM – Ulverstone
Dr Christine Barstad Monday to Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Diana Webster Monday & Thursday – Ulverstone    Wednesday & Friday – Penguin
Dr Saminda Rubasinghe Monday to Friday  – Ulverstone
Dr Debra Chandler Monday Tuesday and Thursday – Penguin
Dr Elisabeth Robin  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Ulverstone
Dr Abby Chapman Tuesday to Friday  Ulverstone


New Patients

After registering you, we offer a basic health screen, and if you are staying with us, we request permission to obtain your past medical records.

Weekend Clinics

Patrick Street Clinic Ulverstone and Victoria Street Clinic offer clinics on alternate weekends for urgent matters. These operate from 9am to 12pm Saturday and Sunday and some public holidays with no prebooked appointments available and sit and wait sessions only.

Extended Weeknight Clinics

Patrick Street Clinic Ulverstone offer extended clinics 2 nights per week on varying days for urgent matters. Appointments can be made on the day.

Home Visits

If you need to see a doctor, but are unable to come to the surgery and where it is not an emergency and you are a patient of this practice living in the Ulverstone area, our doctors may do home visits by arrangement.  Please try to call by 11am.  We ask our receptionists to take a few details about your illness to help us plan any visits.  Where possible you are encouraged to attend the surgery rather than organise a home visit in order that we can have access to a full range of diagnostic equipment for your care.

Telephone Calls for Ulverstone (03) 6425  1611

Telephone Calls for Penguin       (03) 6437 0955

We try to be available to discuss problems, but please try to ring before or between sessions.  Advice over the phone can often reduce anxiety later in the day (or night!).  If you wish to discuss a matter with your doctor, the reception staff will pass the message to your doctor.  If the matter is urgent or an emergency or the doctor is not busy with another patient, your call may be directed to the doctor.  Otherwise the staff will arrange for the doctor to call you back.  If you require advice and your doctor is unavailable, the nursing sister on duty may be able to help.