Medical Students

Patrick Street Clinic has long seen teaching and learning as one of its important tasks.  A good teacher is often a good GP and we aim to be both.  Our students help us be more self critical and reflective about what we do.

Mentor Students

We also are very active in hosting and teaching medical students. We host RAMUS (Rural Australian Medical Undergraduate Scholarship) and John Flynn Scholarship holders and students from the University of Tasmania Rural Undergraduate Clinical Program

Student Accommodation

ACCOG Rural Accommodation for Medical and Allied Health Professionals, Registrars and Students in rural and remote areas.

The Ulverstone ACCOG site is administered through a partnership between the Central Coast Council, The Tasmanian General Practice Divisions (incorporating Rural Workforce Support) and the University Department of Rural Health.

All booking enquiries must be directed to the ACCOG Site Coordinator at the following address:

ACCOG Site Coordinator

Central Coast Council (03) 6429 8900